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Traveling with a group has a number of advantages. First, everything is arranged in advance with no worries about planning things like accommodation, sightseeing and possibly where to eat or what to see. Secondly, you usually travel with like-minded people with whom you may well continue a friendship long after the tour has ended. Thirdly, there is a tour escort or guide who can help with any emergencies and be of general assistance.

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Delight in the fascinating sights of Turkey's best-loved destinations, from the labyrinthine bazaars of Istanbul to the amazing fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. Cruise along the Bosphorus between Asia and Europe and discover the cave-dwellings of the Goreme Valley. Head to the coast to visit Kusadasi and uncover the ancient ruins of Ephesus on a journey through the treasures of Anatolia.
9 Days