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Tour Styles

Your tour styles is to your benifit

Our Active trips are designed for travelers who want to see lots of places in one tour and are comfortable with the faster itinerary pace and increased travel this brings. Expect a busy schedule with lots of sightseeing, together with more traveling by air, road, or train—or other transport—and significant amounts of walking over short and long distances, sometimes for several hours. Importantly, there’s still free time on each day for you to relax and recharge.

We’ve eased back on the activity levels on our Moderate tours for travelers who want a slightly more relaxed tempo. While the itineraries can still be fast-paced and involve some degree of physical activity, you can look forward to more free time than on our Active trips. Enjoy free days here and there throughout the schedule, as well as some free evenings for you to spend as you wish.

We’ve created our At Leisure trips to provide maximum freedom, so they’re ideal if you want the space and opportunity to do your own thing. With a Leisurely experience, you get plenty of free time to experience your destination as you want—whether it’s sightseeing, cultural discoveries or relaxing at your hotel or the beach. Each trip also offers a choice of optional tours, so you can opt to book organized excursions that interest you to balance your free time.