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Partnering With Us

We Love Travel Agent

FROM A SINGLE SHORE EXCURSION in St. Georges, Grenada, to a travel industry leader, we’ve gotten to where we are today by earning your trust and igniting a passion for travel in your clients. We’ve kept our promises to you, from competitive commission structures to exemplary customer support. We continue to create the highest quality, most engaging travel experiences for your clients, because we know that happy travelers return with an even greater love and trust for their travel agent, becoming lifelong customers. Read on to discover all the things that keep the cycle going—and your business growing—with the Infinity Worldwide Vacations.


We Pay You

We have two brands, but just one commission structure, which means your sales roll up, and pay out, even faster.

Straightforward Promos & Pricing

Rest assured, your clients won’t need to meet strict, confusing booking parameters to take advantage of our promotions

Guaranteed Departures

We offer a wide variety of departures that are guaranteed to go and will not be canceled.