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Israel Vacations

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There is no destination on Earth like Israel.  It is the birthplace of the three major monotheistic religions, whose epicenter, Jerusalem, is a beloved and coveted capital. Deep within the Judean desert lies the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, whose mud is considered a cure for some illnesses and whose water is so buoyant that everyone can happily float. The fertile hills of the Galilee are resplendent with Arab and Jewish villages and ancient archaeological sites that reveal previous civilizations, as archaeologists work to peel back the layers of rock, soil and time. And today, modern cities have risen from the desert attracting the trendiest travelers with a world-class foodie scene, high-end shopping and incredible innovations in science and technology! Whether you wander the land with the Bible as your guidebook, or you gravitate to the frenetic nightlife, beautiful beaches and restaurants of Tel Aviv, you will discover for yourself.

Best of Costa Rica

7 Days
Availability : Apr 20' - Oct 20'
(3 Reviews)

Rome, Florence & Venice

9 Days
Availability : Mar 20' - Dec 20'
(3 Reviews)

Ancient Wonders

6 Days
Availability : Mar 20' - Oct 20'
(5 Reviews)

Rome, Pompeii & Sorrento

8 Days
Availability : Jan 20' - Mar 21'
(2 Reviews)

Best of Costa Rica & Guanacaste

9 Days
Availability : Apr 20' - Oct 20'
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Best of Costa Rica & Tortuguero

10 Days
Availability : Apr 20' - Oct 20'
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Athens & 3-Day Iconic Aegean Cruise

7 Days
Availability : Mar 20' - Nov 20'
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Athens, Mykonos, Paros & Santorini

11 Days
Availability : Apr 20' - Oct 20'
(5 Reviews)

Athens, Milos, Santorini, Mykonos

10 Days
Availability : Apr 20' - Oct 20'
(5 Reviews)

Facts About Israel

Capital: Jerusalem
Population: 8.38 million
Currency: Israeli new shekel (ILS)
Languages: Hebrew and Arabic
Drives on the: Right
Time zone: IST (UTC +2)

Entry requirements
U.S. citizens traveling to Israel must have a passport which should be valid for at least 90 days after your return trip. Friendly Planet Travel strongly recommends having at least six months validity on your passport following your return date for ANY international trip. Israel grants tourist visa’s upon arrival for U.S. citizens. you should have at least 2 free pages in the Visas section of your passport for any country you will be visiting.

Passengers who hold dual citizenship (U.S. and Israel) are required to enter and exit Israel using an Israeli passport. Please remember to take both passports with you when visiting Israel.

More information about passports & visas.

If you do not hold a U.S. passport, please see the entry requirements.

More information about passport, visa & entry requirements.

Health Precautions & Vaccinations
There are no vaccination requirements for travelers to Israel.

Center for Disease Control
World Health Organization

Israel’s climate varies from the northern region to the southern region. Recommended months to travel are March thru April which is wildflower season and September thru October. The peak summer months of June through August are usually too hot to enjoy, especially in the Negev desert. Winters are wet, cold, and occasionally snowy.

When tipping, pay cash, not credit. In restaurants tip 12-15%, however some automatically include a 12.5% service charge.

Money & Credit Cards
Most banks have ATMs and are open every day except Saturday.

Always notify your bank prior to departure to avoid any problems using your credit or debit card abroad.

Israel is famous for its exclusive lines of bathing suits (Gottex, Gideon Oberson), skin-care products made from mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, silver jewelry, diamonds, glass, art, leather coats, painted tiles, embroidery, religious items and antiques.

Electricity & Power Adapters
230 volts. Plugs H & C. You will need a voltage converter and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.