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A wildly romantic country that dances to a flamenco beat, Spain retains much of its traditional charm at the same time it embraces the new. As you tour Spain, you’ll find great Gothic cathedrals and Moorish palaces, but also sleek modern architecture and cutting-edge cuisines. Our specialists know Spain well and can provide new perspectives on the country’s highlights, from the cosmopolitan streets of Madrid to the wineries of La Rioja.

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While history reverberates all around, Seville is as much about the here and now as the past. It’s about eating tapas in a crowded bar or seeing out the end of the day over a drink on a buzzing plaza. The sevillanos have long since mastered the art of celebrating and the city’s great annual festivals, notably the Semana Santa and Feria de Abril, are among Spain’s most heartfelt.
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Discover Rome and Athens, two cities known for their influence on culture, art, religion, and architecture throughout the Western World. Explore Rome’s major landmarks such as the Roman Forum, Coliseum and the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. Afterwards, continue to Athens, to explore a distinctly different but equally outstanding city and the famed Acropolis with its dominating view and site of the renowned Parthenon. After Rome and Athens, board your cruise ship from Piraeus for , one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Patmos, St. John’s Grotto of the Apocalypse – Heraklion, (Crete) once the center of the Minoan civilization, and beautiful Santorini, believed by many to be the site of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.
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