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It’s time to open a bottle of Malbec and dive into the beautiful nation of Argentina, home to a dizzying array of bucket-list favorites and bursting with culture. A South American giant, Argentina occupies much of the cone-shaped end of the continent, making it the 8th-largest country and the largest Spanish-speaking nation in the world. A holiday to Argentina is sure to be a diverse experience, as the country’s greatest assets are its abundant natural beauty, from the epic icy landscapes of Ushuaia, at the literal ‘End of the World’, to the tropical rainforest that surrounds the Iguazu Falls. The capital city, Buenos Aires exudes a cosmopolitan charm and attracts artists and literary-types from around the world.

An intense city, Buenos Aires and its famous square Plaza de Mayo is filled with emotion and passion, from the sidewalk Tango dancers to the groups of friends and families spending balmy evenings on cafe terraces in the city plazas. With a distinctive creative atmosphere, Buenos Aires is the usual ‘jumping-off’ point for tours of Argentina. A legendary national cuisine, tantalizing wine scene and a fascinating cultural mix of Latin and European to boot, Argentina tours are a must for travel lovers.
History of Argentina

Like many South American countries, Argentina has a diverse and multi-faceted history. Before the arrival of Europeans in the 16th-century, indigenous communities had inhabited the land for millennia, the oldest evidence of which still exists at the archaeological site of Piedra Museo in the province of Santa Cruz. Parts of northern Argentina were already incorporated into the mighty Inca Empire when the Portuguese and later the Spanish arrived.

The Portuguese discovered the Rio de la Plata and when the Spanish conquistadors landed in 1536, it wasn’t long until Buenos Aires was settled for the first time. Though no gold was found in the country, Spain established Argentina as part of the Viceroyalty of Rio de La Plata in 1776, and it played an important role in the administration of Spanish colonies in South America. On an Argentina package tour, you’ll be sure to notice the colonial architecture of the cities that transport you back to the days of the conquistadors.
Culture In Argentina

package holiday to Argentina is sure to focus on the spectacle of nature and its beautiful landscape. You can do it all in Argentina, from trekking in the Andes mountains, spotting whales in the Beagle Channel and learning to ride horses in the ‘wild west’ of the country. The highest point in Argentina is the staggering Aconcagua at almost 7,000 meters high in the province of Mendoza.

Many visitors to Argentina head straight for Patagonia, a sparsely populated region in the south, shared with Chile and famous for its magnificent mountains such as Fitz Roy, in the Argentinian side, which is accessed from El Chaltén in Argentina by the Los Glaciares National Park; and Torres del Paine, in the Chilean border.

Argentina boasts a highly sophisticated and complex culture known for its sultry Tango dancing and brilliant cuisine. In the cities, such as Buenos Aires, you can expect a plethora of museum, galleries, literary bars and a cosmopolitan culture composed of a mix between Italian and Spanish cultures; a result of immigration. A holiday to Argentina is incomplete without taking the time to soak up the melting-pot vibe of the big city Buenos Aires, discovering its famous neighborhoods, such La Boca, San Telmo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, and Palermo.

On the other hand, in the wilds of Argentina’s Pampas region, traditional gaucho culture is alive in the many remote ranches and farms where horsemanship and cattle rearing reign supreme. Argentinian’s are social people and you’ll notice the warm hospitality if you take a trip to Argentina. 

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