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Rich in rugged land and diverse wildlife, Alaska delivers unforgettable scenic beauty in the form of its famous national parks. The state has more than three million lakes and marshlands, while its wealth of glacial ice covers some 16,000 square miles of land and 1,200 square miles of the tidal zone. Full of off-the-beaten-path wonders, Alaska offers the breath of fresh air all travelers seek.

The spectacular Denali National Park and Preserve sprawl across six acres of wilderness and offers a hub for adventure, featuring the highest mountain peak in all of North America. Kenai Fjords National Park spans over 600,000 acres and forms stunning fjords and icebergs the size of small houses, while Chugach National Forest offers a natural wonderland as one of the country’s largest parks. Along with these spectacular lands, Alaska is also home to unique mining history, incredible views of the Northern Lights, and infinite adventure.

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