From the ancient ruins to the cultural relics

Home of democracy and philosophy, plate smashing, and gyros, Greece has a long history, whitewashed island towns, and rich cuisine. Our specialists know the country from Athens and the heights of the Acropolis to the traditional villages on the island of Milos, and we can build you a Greece vacation that explores its highlights or delves deep into one facet of its culture.


In the Maldives, each resort is on its own private island and it’s the law that all resort guests enjoy beachfront views, meaning that honeymooners can enjoy incredible privacy. Explore white-sand beaches and plunge into technicolor blue seas. Diving and snorkeling in the Maldives are world-renown. And then, there’s the fresh catch of the day. Liberty Travel’s vacation consultants can match you with the Maldives travel deal for your vacation style—from active to indulgent, and everywhere in between. With over 1,000 islands to explore, the Maldives is the ultimate luxury and exotic escape.


Think of Thailand and it’s easy to conjure up images of the endless white-sand beaches, golden temple spires, and bustling markets that have transformed the country into a tourist’s mecca. But we urge you to look deeper. Modern Thailand’s charm is in its contrasts, where you can hunt for an appetizer through a dizzying maze of food stalls before enjoying a Michelin-worthy entrée atop a glittering skyscraper. We encourage you to tap our Destination Experts’ deep knowledge to ensure that each excursion, meal, and resort within your customized itinerary is perfectly aligned with your tastes.

DUBAI - JUNE 5: Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi on June 5, 2013 in Dubai. Emirates Palace was originally conceived as a venue for government summits and conferences in the Persian Gulf, and only later was turned into a hotel
Abu Dhabi-a

Be prepared to get dazzled by Dubai. Everything in this second largest Emirate in the U.A.E. is super-sized, super luxurious, and state-of-the-art. A cosmopolitan metropolis, Dubai attracts the most seasoned travelers from the world over. You could catch a show at the Dubai Opera, take a 4×4 ride over rippling sand dunes, dine at an upscale restaurant at Jumeriah Beach, ascend the world’s tallest building, the Burj al Khalifa or ride a hot-air balloon over the Arabian desert.

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Delving into the country’s religious roots and history, our private guided Israel tours will help you unlock this nation’s storied past through the first-hand knowledge of a local private guide. Witness life steeped in religious devotion through the traditions of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, which can be found in the call of the muezzin, the Orthodox prayers at the Western Wall, and in the ancient walls and pathways of Jerusalem and Nazareth.

Whether you’re looking for ancient history, lively cultural experiences at Tel Aviv’s bars and beaches, or a relaxing dip in the Dead Sea, a Destination Expert will plan and create a trip to Israel that caters to your interests and tastes.

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Banks of Nile river in Aswan, Egypt

Step back in time to the land of the Pharaohs and discover sand-covered tombs, mighty pyramids, and some of medieval Islam’s greatest architecture through the eyes of a local on our private guided Egypt tours. A trip to Egypt will unearth your inner explorer as you make your way through the Valley of the Kings and Queens in Luxor, gaze upon ancient hieroglyphics, trek through the desert, and cruise down the Nile, stopping at ancient temples just as the Pharaohs once did.

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From $2295
Walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs on a fascinating city and cruise experience in Egypt. Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramids in Cairo and unearth the history behind the iconic Valley of the Kings. Spend 3-nights under the stars on a Full-Board Nile River Cruise and delight in the sights of Aswan, atmospheric Kom Ombo, eternal Edfu and the magical Temples of Luxor.
10 Days
From $2395
Walk in the footsteps of the Pharaohs on a fascinating city, cruise and beach experience in Egypt. Discover the secrets of the Great Pyramids in Cairo and the iconic Valley of the Kings. Spend 3-nights under the stars on a Full-Board Nile River Cruise and delight in the sights of Aswan, Kom Ombo and the magical Temples of Luxor before relaxing in All-Inclusive bliss in Hurghada on the Red Sea.
13 Days
From $2895
Travel to the magical Jordan, discover Amman and the Greco-Roman city of Jerash and see the Castle of Ajloun. Cross the Wadi Rum desert in 4x4 and relax in the waters of the Dead Sea. Admire the ancient wonders of Petra before heading to Egypt to see the Great Pyramids in Cairo and enjoy a 3-night Full-Board Nile Cruise through iconic Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan.
17 Days
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Machu Picchu, Peru. UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the New Seven Wonders of the World
Vinicunca, Cusco Region, Peru. Montana de Siete Colores, or Rainbow Mountain.

Mystical, spiritual, cultural, and culinary, the land of the ancient Incas offers so many diverse enjoyments that it only makes sense to plan a customized tour of Peru. Set out with your private guide on a tour of Machu Picchu, recently named “one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.” Stand at the pinnacle of Incan power overlooking the ancient Lost City. Or explore extraordinary ruins near Cusco such as Sacsahuaman made of massive stone blocks, once a royal retreat. Peru is open to all adventures. Glide across expansive Lake Titicaca to interact with the native Uros people. Visit them on their sponge-like reed islands and admire their exquisite handicrafts.

In Lima, South America’s gastronomic capital, set your taste buds alight with freshly caught seafood, spicy roast chicken, skewers of grilled meats, and exotic fruits. Kids love Peru too! Try tailor-made cooking lessons, horseback riding, kid-friendly history tours, and more! Sleep in a converted colonial monastery or at an eco-resort surrounded by water.

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It’s no secret that Costa Rica is a destination blessed with lush jungles, volcano vistas, and breathtaking beaches. The cornerstone of our Costa Rica tours is to show you what lies beneath the stunning scenery.  You’ll embrace the term “Pura Vida” that influences every facet of life in this Central American paradise.

Your local private guide will take you off-the-beaten path to discover sloths and howler monkeys in Manuel Antonio National Park, send you soaring through the cloud forest on a canopy tour, and escort you to some of the most beautiful secluded beaches on the Papagayo Peninsula, all at your own pace with plenty of time for relaxation.

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Alberta Tours-a
Halifax Tours-a
Northwest Territories Tours-a

Spanning almost 2,000 miles, the Rocky Mountain Range is nothing sort of mighty. Towards the northern part of the range, you’ll find the charming mountain towns and cosmopolitan cities of Alberta and British Columbia. Combining rugged natural beauty and fairy tale castle-like hotels, Banff and Lake Louise create an unforgettable mountain getaway. To the west in British Columbia, the Sea to Sky Highway connects the oceanfront of Vancouver with the peaks of Whistler. Acting as Canada’s natural playground, the Rockies will add a sense of adventure into everyone’s lives that visits.

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Yellowstone National Park Tours-a

Widely regarded as “America’s Best Idea”, the National Parks hold a special place in the hearts of Americans with their monumental history and diverse natural beauty. These preserved national treasures are brimming with unique natural marvels from deep canyons to soaring mountains, geothermal geysers to freshwater lakes, and delicate wildflowers to the world’s tallest trees. Wildlife spotting is second to none with some of the most unique species calling these parks home.

Admire the majesty of bison from a distance in Yellowstone, watch salmon running through rivers or spot rare birds taking flight above. Each National Park offers something different but is all majestic in its own right.

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